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A new concept

We present a new concept in orchestral conducting competitions. In this model members of the orchestra choose the winners and they will no longer be decided by a jury of external musicians.

Regardless of the artistic objectivity of the members of an external jury, it is rarely the case that the results of the competition correspond with the opinion of the majority of musicians in the orchestra. However, it is not the jury but the orchestra who will spend a week working with one or more of the finalists, during the season following the competition.

This concept aims to empower members of the orchestra by allowing them to discover and develop new talented leaders.

Cristian Orosanu


Rules & prizes

The Orchestra’s Conductor Competition was established and is managed by the not-for-profit Association Geros. The event is directed by Maestro Cristian Orosanu and its aim is to encourage the discovery of talented conductors.

This new competition concept will give the candidates the unique opportunity of being selected by the orchestra’s musicians and to be invited back to conduct their orchestra at a later date. There is no jury, except during the initial phase, and subsequently the president of the competition will merely guide proceedings, but will not take part in the vote.

Latest news

Completed initial phase

The initial phase of the Orchestra's Conductor Competition has been completed.

132 candidates from 45 countries have successfully registered. 
A great amount of interest and enthusiasm was shown by all candidates towards our new concept in orchestral conducting competitions; our thanks and congratulations to all who applied!
The following candidates are invited to the final phase, taking place in Brașov (România) between 18 and 23 June 2022:
  • Vlad Baciu
  • Mariia Berlad
  • Mina Bosnjak
  • Francesco Cagnasso
  • Berit Cardas
  • Frédéric Chaine
  • Chen-Hao Chiang
  • Jaehyuck Choi
  • Harmen Cnossen
  • Mori Davorin
  • András Derecskei
  • Santiago Diaz Aguirre
  • David Dinya
  • Paul Drouet
  • William Dutton
  • Rafael Edesh
  • Eyal Ein-Habar
  • Hannah Eisendle
  • Fabian Enders
  • Jiang Feifan
  • Clemens Fieguth
  • Rosina Flueckiger
  • Anthony Fournier
  • Dombrowner Gaddiel
  • Dominic Grier
  • Daniel Hasaj
  • Ruben Hawer
  • Seojoon Heo
  • Yuichi Honda
  • Xiaobo Hu
  • Yusuke Ichihara
  • Massimiliano Iezzi
  • Alexandr Iradyan
  • Lo Kit-yu
  • Elias Lamar
  • Jasper Lecon
  • Yijie Li
  • Celia Llácer Carbonell
  • Dong Lupin
  • Bianca Maretti
  • Jose Juan Marzal Fernandez
  • Marcin Mirowski
  • Katia (Aikaterini) Molfesi
  • Rachael Montesino Young
  • Kent Moussault
  • Emmanuel Niubo
  • Changmin Park
  • Claudia Patane
  • Sandra Ragusa
  • Michele Rakers
  • Myron Alexander Romanul
  • Masahiro Sagayama
  • Felix Schauren
  • Jeisson German Segura Herrera
  • Francisco Simao
  • Jozef Smeets
  • Andreja Solar
  • Eric Staiger
  • Motoki Tanaka
  • Stefano Torboli
  • Julian Wolf
  • Dan Zhou
  • Moyue Zhou
  • Sebastian Zinca

Invited managers

Managers of respected orchestras in Romania already confirmed their interest to come to the final round of our competition, on 23 June 2022, and to choose one or several conductors from the finalists, for their future seasons:

International Artist Agencies

The following representatives of international artist agencies expressed their interest to attend the final round of our competition:

  • Hylke van Lingen, Managing partner of Interartists Amsterdam - www.interartists.nl
  • Mark Stephan Buhl, Managing Director of Mark Stephan Buhl Artists Management Vienna - www.msbuhl.com
  • Uri Zur,  Director of ArtPro Artists Management & Artistic advisor of Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra: - https://www.artpro.co.il

Special prize for the best female conductor

Although there are some excellent female conductors working internationally, they are still very much in the minority. The committee of Orchestra’s Conductor Competition  are very aware of this imbalance and the extra challenges female conductors have overcome to get to this stage and would like to recognise this with an additional prize for the top scoring female conductor, whether she is the winner of the competition or a runner up. The prize consists of an invitation to conduct the Brasov Philharmonic Orchestra during the 2022-2023 season. The fee, travel and accommodation will be part of the invitation.

The first edition of the Orchestra’s Conductor Competition will take place in the most beautiful city of Romania, in June 2022. Candidates of all nationalities and with no age limit are invited to apply, from 1 November 2021 until 15 April 2022.


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A new concept in orchestral conducting competitions.
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